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Root Barrier System Installation

Most of us love our trees. They provide oxygen, significantly add to any landscape, and provide a bit of shade on hot days. In most cases, a few trees are a desirable addition to any property.

Much like an iceberg, a large part of any tree exists underneath the surface of the ground in the form of a complex root system that can naturally extend a far greater distance than the portion of the tree you can see above the surface. On average, it’s been proven that the root system of a tree is up to 38 times as large as its trunk.

Few things can stop the slow, tenacious growth of nature. When these root systems are left unchecked, they can extend out and cause serious damage to various parts of your property. To help combat this issue, our professionals are here to provide a solution for these invasive roots – root barrier installations. This system will allow your trees to continue thriving.

root barrier system installation services

What Is A Root Barrier System? 

Functionally, root barrier systems are very simple and are made by digging a trench in front of areas you’d like to redirect roots from. Then, we install a high-density polyethylene sheet inside the trench and then refill it. The polyethylene sheet acts as a barrier that prevents the roots from extending past it and redirects them in another direction.

When Should A Root Barrier Be Installed?

Ideally, a root barrier would be installed while a tree is young or before it’s planted entirely as a preventative measure to protect structures on the property. However, even in cases where the roots of an older tree are starting to intrude into places you don’t want them to be, most of the time we can still install a barrier while causing as little damage to the tree as possible.

What Kind Of Damage Can Root Systems Cause?

The consequences of root damage can be severe and expensive. When left unchecked, roots can destroy a sidewalk or cause serious damage to the foundation of a home. Below, we’ve provided a list of some of the most common casualties of root damage.

Foundation Damage

Trees near your home can have root systems that extend toward the foundation and cause damage that can significantly weaken it.

Sidewalks And Driveways

Root systems can creep under the foundation of pavement and cause pre-mature erosion and cracks. In extreme cases, roots can grow to eventually displace slabs of concrete entirely.

Pipe Systems

One of the more costly casualties of overgrown root systems, pipe damage can interrupt things like your home’s water and gas supply and be dangerous and costly to repair.

Underground Wiring

Similar to the damage done to your pipes, root systems also have the potential to disrupt any wires or fiber optic system near them.

Basically, if it’s underground, it can be damaged or disrupted by a root system. Roots are some of the most tenacious things in nature and will exploit flaws in everything except for the most specialized materials on their path of outward growth.

Do yourself and your home a favor and consider a root barrier installation to protect your property from the near-unstoppable spread of tree roots.

Get To The Root Of Your Root Problem With PermaTech!

Whenever you’re seeking out the highest quality root barrier installation, you can’t go wrong with foundation protection from PermaTech Foundation Repair. It’s almost impossible to have a solid community without a good foundation — for years, our experts have been working hard to find comprehensive foundation repairs for every kind of situation.

It’s much easier to stay level-headed when you have a level home. If you need anything foundation-related, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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