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Pier Installation Services

If the home is where the heart is, you’ll want to keep yours safe and standing strong. Piers support your home’s structure and are installed for various reasons. All homeowners want a residence where they can feel safe and comfortable. With pier installation, you can achieve that goal! You can also eliminate the possibility of structural problems within your house.

PermaTech Foundation Repair has a team of professionals that you can trust. Our contractors are NFRA-certified and prepared to tackle every pier installation task. We believe your home is a space where you should always feel safe. Without a sturdy structure, that feeling may be difficult to achieve.

Permatech foundation repair worker inspecting the foundation of a house while in a trench

Hydraulically Pressed Solutions

Piers that are hydraulically pressed are installed beneath the footing of your foundation. They use the weight of your home to mechanically press the pilings into the ground. These piers suit modern concrete slab foundations and are a reliable method of structural support, meaning you won’t need slab leak foundation repairs soon!

Steel Pier Foundation Services

Steel piers can help repair foundations permanently. The support is wedged into the soil and is known for bearing heavier loads. Not only do they remain stable for long periods, but they also push through tougher clays. These benefits make them compatible with many soil types.

Hybrid Transition Piers

Like steel pier systems, hybrid transition supports have strength and stability. They also have a long service life and are perfect for homeowners looking for an affordable structural option. Thanks to their steel and concrete material, they efficiently dig into the ground to support your home.

Concrete Pressed Pilings

Concrete pilings are a more cost-efficient option than steel piers. However, they are only suitable for areas with softer soil. The high-compressive concrete is a reliable foundation repair option for your home when installed in the proper setting.

Drilled And In-Spot Solutions

In-spot and drilled supports don’t require the weight of your home for installation. Lightweight structures and houses with thinner concrete slabs will benefit from these piers. Unlike hydraulic supports, our team can install these materials without pushing against your home’s foundation.

Drilled Pier Foundation Services

Lighter structures are prone to damage with hydraulic services. Drilled pier installation minimizes the risk of problems and is a sturdy option for your home. These supports are filled with concrete and reinforced with a steel rod, but can only reach 12 feet deep.

Pad And Block Supports

Pad and block piers are typically found beneath older homes. They are one of the more common household supports but perform well due to their large base pad. Many owners of modern homes prefer to upgrade these piers for ones that provide increased stability.

Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Even though your home can’t verbally communicate with you, it will show signs when there’s an issue with its foundation! You can minimize the effects of structural damage by knowing the indicators of needing repairs and new pier installation. A few signs to look for are:

    • Your walls are cracking

    • Nails are popping out of the drywall

    • The walls are bowing

    • There are fractures in the floor tiles

    • Your ceiling is warping

When something is amiss with your household’s foundation, our team of contractors is prepared to lend a helping hand. Structural damage can cause secondary issues if ignored. Our technicians want to prevent that from happening and keep you safe and comfortable!

Contact PermaTech For Foundation Pier Replacement Services

PermaTech Foundation Repair is honored to have served our community since 2016. Our professional contractors have your home’s best interests at heart. When it’s time for pier installation, contact us to begin the process.

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