​There is no such thing as the “perfect pier.” I know that’s crazy coming from a company trying to sell you a pier, but it’s the truth. Every company fully expects to have to adjust their piers over the lifetime of the home based on the rate the soil will change. While the pier itself might hold up, the earth around it is always moving. Our goal with our warranty is to structure it so that not only are you covered whenever it happens, but also to educate you on how to limit the number of total adjustments over the lifetime of the home.

PermaTech Foundation Repair’s warranty program is a system designed to protect the homeowner and future homeowners from future adjustments. We have created a warranty that is the perfect mixture of hassle-free, unbiased process, and education. Where other companies fail, we go over and beyond to make sure that this process takes care of the issues without leaving you stressed out.​

Warranty Strengths

  1. No inspection fee – It is never our intention to burden you with a fee for an event that could possibly be our fault. While many potential warranty claims end up being another problem, we don’t believe that you owe us any money to take that first look. Our consultants will help determine the best route for the issue you are experiencing.

  2. Customer protection – To keep it unbiased, we have a built-in protection for our homeowners, that allows them to challenge us with an engineer of their choosing. If the engineer determines that we are wrong, and our pier was the cause of failure, then we will reimburse them for that charge.

  3. Transfer Education – Many companies will use a warranty transfer to get out of their warranty when people forget to do it in the time allotted. This is not our intention. In fact, while we do have a transfer window, it’s impossible to void the warranty if you miss it. The goal of our transfer is to educate the future homeowner of proper maintenance to ensure they don’t have to have adjustments performed any time soon.

  4. Lifetime Coverage – This warranty is valid for the lifetime of the home and it is our intention to make sure that you are fully educated enough to limit the amount of adjustments over that period of time.

Warranty Transfer

To transfer your warranty please follow the link below to submit your details and we'll be in touch shortly to transfer the documentation and set up any transfer consultations as needed.

Warranty Claim

To set up a warranty inspection please follow the link below to submit your details and we'll be in touch shortly to set up the warranty consultation. Please make sure to describe your problems in the spot provided.
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