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Drainage Solutions

Water is one of nature’s most destructive forces. If given enough time, water can erode tons of earth and create something as large as the Grand Canyon. If water is capable of that, it’s capable of causing damage to your home.

Water accumulation around your yard and home can cause severe damage to your home’s structure and its foundation. Just like a single drop of water can carve a canyon, allowing pools of water to accumulate around your home can lead to sinking, mold, and structural damage.

Luckily, the professionals here at PermaTech Foundation Repair have the skills, knowledge, and passion necessary to assess your situation and provide the most effective drain installation. Whenever you’re facing water accumulation issues around your home, we guarantee that our fully insured experts will have the yard drainage solutions you need.

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Types Of Drainage Systems

Many things could cause an excessive amount of water to accumulate around your yard or home. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to take measures to ensure that excess water is drained to a safe location away from your home.

The two main types of water accumulation we find ourselves providing solutions for are situations where pools of water are allowed to accumulate in random parts of a yard and cases where the gutter drainage needs to be improved.

To solve these problems, we implement a variety of drainage solutions, including drain installation, each with its own merits. To give you an idea of some of the work that needs to be done to provide comprehensive drainage solutions, here’s a rundown of a few of the most common types of drainage systems.

Channel Drains

Installed in the pavement near places like your driveway and walkways, channel drains provide a pathway for water to be directed from impervious and non-absorbent surfaces. These drains are used most commonly to prevent water build-up around driveways, sidewalks, and the areas immediately around inground pools.

French Drains

Installed to prevent excess pooling in your yard, French drains consist of a perforated pipe installed at a downward slope slightly below the surface of the ground. The pipe is typically covered in a decorative porous material like stone, and the entire drain is directed away from the area of accumulation.

French drains allow for the controlled redirection of excess rainwater and allow homeowners to comprehensively handle pooling issues on their property.

Surface Drains

Surface drains essentially function in the same way that the drain in your bathtub does in that they are grated openings that are installed below ground level that are designed to direct excess water into a catch basin. These drains are useful for situations where flash flooding needs to be considered and there is a potential that a lot of water might have to be drained off quickly.

When Water’s A Pain, Let PermaTech Install A Drain

Regardless of your situation, we guarantee that the professionals here at PermaTech Foundation Repair will be able to find the most ideal solution. Whether you need to consult with a professional about a pier installation, an entirely new drainage system or you’re searching for the highest quality drainage replacement, our drainage specialists are eager to show you why we’ve built a reputation for superior customer service.

If you require any type of drain installation, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We specialize in and provide comprehensive residential foundation repair solutions as well as residential water drainage services, and want to make sure that your home has a stable place to stand for years to come.

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