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Root Barrier System Installation

Trees are cherished by many for their contribution to oxygen, enhancing landscapes, and providing shade on scorching days. They stand as a desirable addition to any property. Beneath the surface, akin to an iceberg, a tree harbors a complex root system that can extend far beyond what’s visible above ground. On average, a tree’s root system is proven to be up to 38 times larger than its trunk.

The relentless, gradual growth of nature is not easily thwarted. Unchecked root systems have the potential to extend and wreak havoc on various property elements. Our professionals offer a solution to curb the intrusion of these roots – root barrier installations, ensuring your trees can flourish while safeguarding your property.

Root Barrier System Installation Services

Understanding Root Barrier Systems

Functionally straightforward, root barrier systems involve digging a trench to redirect roots. A high-density polyethylene sheet is installed in the trench, serving as a barrier that prevents roots from extending past it and guides them in another direction.

When Should You Install a Root Barrier?

Ideally, a root barrier should be installed when a tree is young or before planting as a preventative measure. However, even with older trees encroaching into unwanted areas, a barrier can often be installed with minimal damage to the tree.

Potential Damage from Root Systems

Root damage consequences can be severe and costly. Unchecked roots can wreak havoc on sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and various underground systems. Here’s a list of common casualties resulting from root damage:

root barrier system installation services

Foundation Damage

Tree roots near your Dallas, Texas home can extend toward the foundation, causing significant weakening.

Sidewalks and Driveways

Root systems can infiltrate pavement foundations, causing premature erosion and cracks, with extreme cases displacing entire concrete slabs.

Pipe Systems

Overgrown root systems can damage pipes, disrupting water and gas supplies, leading to costly and hazardous repairs.

Underground Wiring

Root systems have the potential to disrupt wires and fiber optic systems, posing a threat to underground utilities.
In essence, anything underground is susceptible to damage or disruption by relentless root growth. Root systems, with their tenacity, exploit weaknesses in everything except highly specialized materials along their outward growth path.

Protect Your Property with a Root Barrier Installation

Ensure your property is shielded from the unstoppable spread of tree roots by considering a root barrier installation. For top-notch root barrier installations and comprehensive foundation repairs in Dallas, Texas, trust the expertise of PermaTech Foundation Repair. A solid community starts with a good foundation, and our experts have been dedicated to providing solutions for every foundation-related situation for years.

Maintain a level home and peace of mind. If you require anything related to foundations, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our commitment is to offer tailored solutions, ensuring the longevity and stability of your property against the relentless forces of nature.

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