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Slab Leak Foundation Repair

Your home is your sanctuary – that’s why it’s crucial to keep it in good shape! The foundation that your house is built on can impact its structural integrity. If a leak damages a slab base, it can cause several severe issues. Once foundation damage occurs, you need a reliable company to solve the problem.

PermaTech Foundation Repair strives to provide premium slab leak repairs and keep your household in top-tier condition. If foundation problems aren’t corrected, you may experience a few issues with your home. Our contractors hold themselves to a higher standard. You can trust us to conduct excellent slab leak repair services.

crack in a concrete slab with water residue

How Slab Leaks Cause Foundation Problems

When slab leaks form, they occur under the concrete beneath your home. If the issue is present, water will seep into the soil and cause erosion. Your home may start to reposition as the soil shifts. You may notice a few issues, such as:

  • Low water pressure
  • Cracks along the walls
  • Higher water bills
  • Damp floors
  • A constant sound of running water
  • Wet patches around your home exterior
  • A mildew-like smell inside your home
  • Hot spots on the floors

Slab leaks aren’t on the same level as a leaky faucet. They can be detrimental to your home’s integrity if they go untreated. If you need plumbing services to address your slab leak, call on your local Frisco plumber at Jim’s Plumbing — then call on our team to repair your foundation!

Why Is Foundation Repair After A Slab Leak Important?

Foundation damage can cause secondary issues like the ones mentioned above. But in severe cases, slab leaks can cause your home to sink. The structure can also collapse, causing additional damage to your household. Repairs are necessary to maintain the integrity of your residence.

The longer you neglect to correct your home’s structure, the more damage you will inevitably face. Slab leaks put stress on your house after they occur. As a result, your house will experience deterioration to its interior and exterior.

Causes Of A Slab Leak

All problems have a cause, including those with your home! A leak in your slab can occur for a variety of reasons. When you’re aware of the scenarios that create a slab leak, you have a higher chance of discovering the problem before severe damage can form.

Low-Quality Pipes

Many older homes have low-quality pipes and plumbing materials. As they grow older, poor piping can corrode and crack. Galvanized steel, plastic and copper pipes can wear down faster than modern-day materials. As a result, they may be more susceptible to sprouting a leak.

Poor Pipe Installation

Faulty pipe installation can cause issues, slab leaks being one of them. Your home might be at higher risk of foundation leaks if its piping was installed incorrectly. Damaged material can also weaken faster and seep water.

Soil Shifts

When soil absorbs excessive amounts of water, it can expand and shift over time. The expansion can damage your pipes, causing cracks to form. Water can start to drip from these cracks, potentially creating a slow slab leak.

Foundation Repair Services Are Here To Help

With PermaTech at your service, you can rest assured knowing your home is in good hands. We’re honored to have served our community since 2016. We understand that slab leak repair services can seem like a hefty investment. That’s why we offer free estimates to make your decision-making process all the easier!

We offer free inspections for homeowners whose properties are older than ten years old. By offering free inspections to homeowners of older homes, we can help them identify potential issues that may arise and avoid costly foundation repairs. This offer is not valid for realtors, home buyers, and general contractors.

The Local Foundation Repair Company You Can Count On

PermaTech Foundation Repair is here to help with all slab leak repairs. Our team is NFRA-certified and prepared to tackle your foundational issues!

Contact us today to speak with a customer service representative and schedule your next repair service.

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