August 29, 2020

This Week’s Best Fixes for Foundation Problems in Plano, Texas

Having trees in your yard has a lot of great benefits, from shade to beautification. But things are not so great once trees start bringing disaster to both your yard and home. A lot of homeowners do not realize the potential harm trees can do to their properties until it is too late and the damage has been done.

Trees attack a house’s foundation in an unnoticeable manner, as their roots can weaken the soil’s integrity. Because of this, the house’s foundation becomes unstable and eventually starts to shift. You’d think bringing out your axes or chainsaws and chopping the trees down would solve the problem, but you may want to step back and think again. Trees that are cut tend to be more aggressive in absorbing soil moisture as they start to decay and decompose over time, leading to faster foundation failures.

So, what should you do when faced with this problem? Read on to find out the excellent move a Plano homeowner made after discovering the messy situation they were in.

A Remodeling Disaster in Plano, Texas Averted Thanks to Foundation Repair

The main issue of this project started with sheetrock cracks and malfunctioning doors at the front side of our customer’s home. The moment our client noticed these issues, they went ahead and called us for an assessment, which is a smart move considering the customer was planning to remodel their home. If they haven’t done so, all their work would have been in vain because of a failing foundation. Upon closer inspection, we detected more issues linked to the foundation, such as on the brick and trim around the home’s exterior.

When we scouted the perimeter of the house, we identified that there are many large crape myrtles and a large tree in front of their home. These trees immediately became our primary suspect, as tree roots tend to steal the moisture out of the clay soil surrounding homes, causing the soil to shrink and shift. This, if untreated will result in deflection, which in turn can damage homes.

As we laid out the plans to put a resolution to this issue, our experts declared that the most fitting solution is our PT2 system. The PT2 piers are known for their very high durability despite being low cost compared to other common foundation repair methods. Consisting of rebar reinforced concrete pressed piling, the PT2 system is pressed under the home’s foundation as reinforcement to support the house’s weight against the soil.

With a team of a project manager, one crew chief, and four crewmates, this project took 48 hours to complete. Our experts even did a spectacular job with the concrete patches, which our client was concerned about, as we were able to match it to the existing aggregate. As a funny side note, the customer got confused when we showed them photographs of the before and after, thinking that the before and after pictures were reversed.

And with that, our customer stated they were completely satisfied with our work!

If you happen to be looking for someone who can effectively work with your foundation-related issues, look no further than PermaTech Foundation Repair. Reach out to us today through phone or text message at 214-326-0718 and we will do all the repair work for you!

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Steven Smith

Steven began working on foundations right out of college where he studied mathematics. Giving him a unique perspective in problem solving and the education to understand the more advanced math behind structural tolerances. This leg up helped him work his way up from part time sales, to foreman, to project manager. After working his way up, Steven took the plunge and founded PermaTech Foundation Repair. With a focus on delivering an unparalleled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. Today you'll still find Steven inspecting and managing projects. In his free time Steven likes to travel. His fiancé and him are currently trying to visit all 62 national parks across the US. 
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