July 26, 2021

Securing Your Home Investments with Effective Foundation Repair

Houses are built to last, but if there is no proper maintenance of essential parts of the house, then you're in for a big (and expensive) repair surprise as your house grows older. Ignoring the need for foundation repair can lead to many problems. What was once only an issue of cracks can evolve into uneven floors, separation around windows or walls, misaligned doors and windows, and sticking doors. 

All of these negative effects can also damage other essential structures of your house, such as sills and beams, which are connected to the stability of your foundation. When these essential structures degrade along with your foundation, it doesn’t just reduce the property value of your home. It also decreases the safety and quality of living of the residents.

The Challenging House Sale in Kennedale, Texas

Being a home investor in a highly competitive real estate market is difficult, especially when you have to deal with properties that have had little to no house maintenance. A home investor in Kennedale, Texas reached out to us because they badly needed foundation repair for a property they were planning on selling.

Upon initial inspection, we figured out right from that bat that we needed to install PT1 piers to combat the sinking of the house into the ground. However, upon further inspection, we also found out that there were cracked bowed beams, probably due to the weak foundation. Also, the sill plates in the crawlspace were already rotten, with tips of the joists touching each other. Lastly, we also figured that we needed to replace the wood because the existing ones were already brittle.

Bowed wood

Successfully Completing the Job

First, we had to install 17 PT1 system piers around the perimeter of the house, with 3 concrete breakouts. The PT1 system entails a service agreement, which allows us to lower the upfront cost of these piers for home investor clients. 

Pier installation in progress
Concrete breakouts

For the problems that we found in the crawlspace, we needed to replace it with a 1251 Sqft shim to fill in the gaps, 36' beam (2-2"X6"), and 40' long sill. Since it was a pier and beam house, the job only took two days to finish. This already included having to excavate the area in the crawlspace so that we could work there.

Installing shim, beam and sill

We were really happy to have finished such a hefty job in two days. The thought of helping a home investor find the perfect client for the home and a future homeowner who will enjoy the house reminds us at Permatech of the important work that we do.

If you're having foundation problems with your property, don't hesitate to give us a call! We will conduct an onsite inspection as soon as we schedule your appointment.

Steven Smith

Steven began working on foundations right out of college where he studied mathematics. Giving him a unique perspective in problem solving and the education to understand the more advanced math behind structural tolerances. This leg up helped him work his way up from part time sales, to foreman, to project manager. After working his way up, Steven took the plunge and founded PermaTech Foundation Repair. With a focus on delivering an unparalleled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. Today you'll still find Steven inspecting and managing projects. In his free time Steven likes to travel. His fiancé and him are currently trying to visit all 62 national parks across the US. 
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