May 3, 2021

Mending a Pier and Beam Foundation on an Old Home in Dallas

While gentrified homes are so common and are up to the current trend or style these days, we still have much appreciation for old homes that have retained their old school charm. Our client’s home in Dallas is one of those.

Built in 1912, this home still has a pier and beam foundation. And like anything that’s been around for decades, it’s had its fair share of issues in the past. The most recent one our client noticed is that one corner or perimeter wall of the home was sloping dramatically towards itself, which was causing issues with the trim.

Diagnosing and Resolving the Problem with the Pier and Beam Foundation

Upon inspection, we discovered that the beam under the perimeter wall was loose and another was cracked. It seemed that the beam was replaced some time in the past, but it wasn’t such a clean job. The wall didn’t have proper support, hence it was leaning towards one side of the house.

As our client didn’t want to replace the trim on the outside, we had to crawl under the house and work in the limited space. The place was cramped, we had to take care not to rip out the trim and brick base on the outside, and we could only work from one side of the beam – but we made it through.

We took out the beams that needed replacement. Since there was a brick base, we didn’t have any room to place jacks below the beams to lift them. After testing different methods, we eventually placed a steel beam under the most affected corner. That way, we were finally able to fit in a jack underneath and lift the wall back into place without affecting the trim outside the wall.

There were some damage to the sheetrock and subfloor, but our client planned on repainting and replacing the floors. At least now, their wall is properly supported and doesn’t run the risk of falling in on itself. It should remain stable from here on out.

At PermaTech Foundation Repair, you will always get trustworthy services that can solve all your foundation problems. We’ll be more than happy to stop by, evaluate it, and determine the best solution. If you need foundation repair, we’re here to help. Call or text us at 214-326-0718 today. We’ll get the job done for you on time, on budget.

Steven Smith

Steven began working on foundations right out of college where he studied mathematics. Giving him a unique perspective in problem solving and the education to understand the more advanced math behind structural tolerances. This leg up helped him work his way up from part time sales, to foreman, to project manager. After working his way up, Steven took the plunge and founded PermaTech Foundation Repair. With a focus on delivering an unparalleled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. Today you'll still find Steven inspecting and managing projects. In his free time Steven likes to travel. His fiancé and him are currently trying to visit all 62 national parks across the US. 
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