August 29, 2020

Dealing with the Effects of Foundation Neglect in Plano, Texas

Renting out homes and being a landlord can be a very tough job. There’s a lot of competition out there, and investing in homes can get pricey. But what’s worse than that is having to deal with neglectful tenants and the damage they leave on your property. Have you had your share of nightmare tenants?

Neglect can bring about tons of damage—we’re talking wall cracks and structural damage here! Don’t forget rotting floorboards and the invasion of mold and mildew in your home. But the cherry on top is foundation problems that put your safety at risk!

Once the foundation of your home starts having issues, everything else follows suit. The doors stop functioning smoothly, the property starts sinking, the walls show cracks and gaps everywhere and you’ll often find water pooling in surrounding areas near your home (and that’s never a good sign).

Just this week, we worked on a property showing signs of damage from foundation neglect. It was not an easy job considering the number of factors that contributed to the damage, but this was what happened!

Fixing a Damaged Foundation in Plano, Texas

Our client was renting their house out, which was the first home they ever bought after they moved to a new place in Alabama. Their long term tenant had recently moved out, and they discovered a bunch of damage around the house related to foundation movement. This was going to be a bigger problem for the landlord because renting out damaged property is not going to be easy.

Before the client could have their home rented out again, repairs needed to be done. Our team came in and assessed the problem, which led us to discover that the house had sunk so it needed to be lifted and stabilized!

How did it get this bad? There were three factors that contributed to the failing foundation. The first factor was due to the large trees and crape myrtles in the surrounding area near the foundation. Trees become harmful once their roots start making their way towards a home’s foundation and they begin pulling moisture out from the soil which causes foundations to sink.

The second factor being water damage, we saw a large amount of water pooling at one side of the home. Water can get into concrete and clay, allowing it to expand and push up on the foundation. With the water and tree issues combined, this house’s foundation condition had worsened.

The third factor was just plain neglect for a very long time. The tenant did not know how to properly care for the home’s foundation. And instead of letting the landlord know about this problem, they did not bother to inform anyone of what was happening which led to this very situation the owner was dealing with now!

We were able to determine the best solution to their problem, which was our PT2 system that provides optimal results at a cost-friendly price. This involved our crew installing rebar reinforced concrete piling, which allows the piers to penetrate the foundation’s clay deeply guaranteeing long-lasting durability. Our team used a precision instrument called Zip Level which helped us determine where we needed to install the piers to help lift it back up and ensure it does not sink back down again.

After 3 days of hard work, we completed the project with a total of 33 piers installed. Now our client can rent out their property again without having to worry about the foundation getting worse.

Even though the project is done, our client assistance isn’t over! We provide all our customers with a free 90-day post-install inspection. This is to help educate them about the right way to maintain home foundation stability, ensuring that no more problems will happen moving forward. Normally, other companies just give handouts and pamphlets, but nobody has time to read that with day-to-day work and chores! Others just take their pay and go, but that’s not how we roll. Instead, we’ll sit down with you and give you all the information you need—from proper watering techniques, what areas to target for proper drainage, to how vegetation affects the foundation. Nothing but the best from PermaTech Foundation Repair!

If you happen to be looking for someone who can effectively work with your foundation-related issues, look no further than PermaTech Foundation Repair. Reach out to us today through phone or text message at 214-326-0718 and we will do all the repair work for you!

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Steven Smith

Steven began working on foundations right out of college where he studied mathematics. Giving him a unique perspective in problem solving and the education to understand the more advanced math behind structural tolerances. This leg up helped him work his way up from part time sales, to foreman, to project manager. After working his way up, Steven took the plunge and founded PermaTech Foundation Repair. With a focus on delivering an unparalleled level of service, the company has grown by leaps and bounds under his leadership. Today you'll still find Steven inspecting and managing projects. In his free time Steven likes to travel. His fiancé and him are currently trying to visit all 62 national parks across the US. 
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